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Career Opportunities available in Food Processing Industry

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Food is a basic necessity for the survival of the human species. Every day, the world population keeps increasing and all these people must have sufficient, continuous and high quality food supply. As the number of people keeps swelling, resources diminish. The available resources must therefore be utilized in the most efficient manner. Many food processing industries take their role of providing nourishment very seriously. They use the latest technology and expert human resource to arrive at mass production of quality foods. This is why many food processing industries have resulted in hiring professionals and highly skilled employees to manage their processing plants. This article will explore the Smithfield Foods Careers opportunities available in the food processing industries.

The food processing industry involves an intricate value addition process. Food those who supply animal products the process starts with animal breeding, nurturing, feeding and treatment of diseases to ensure the animals attain maturity stage. The established firms produce their own breeds, plant the animal food supplies and own a food processing plant. The different sectors all work cohesively to arrive at a high quality food products. There are three major sectors in the food processing industry which are farming, food processing plant and the marketing team. The three sectors offer numerous Smithfield Foods Jobs opportunities.

Some of the opportunities in this industry include legal team, sales and marketing, finance, economics, food scientist, veterinary, information technology team, animal geneticist, agricultural operations manager, bioinformatics scientist, farm manager, farm assistants, waste management team, administration team, and transportation team to mention but a few.

The farm sector oversees the production of animals. This involves selecting a high quality parent stock to breed the farm animals. Once the young ones have been born, different specialist oversee their feeding program, their grooming and waste management, and the treatment of any diseases. This farm ensure the animals’ environment is clean and conducive in order to prevent infections. The animals have sufficient living space and are protected from unnecessary stress. Animal progress is monitored on a day to day basis in order to give timely interventions when problems crop up. The farm sector is also concerned with the cultivation and processing of feeds for the animals. High quality and nutrition’s feeds are produced to feed the animals at different stages.

The food processing plant is in charge of value addition and packaging of the final product. They ensure that processed foods are well preserved and refrigerated. They work hand in hand with the sales and marketing team to ensure customers are supplied with the product that they require. The sales, marketing, transport, finance and administration team are in charge of getting high quality finished products to the customer on time. The finance and administration also oversees all firm operation from animal production to the processing of the final product.

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